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We enjoy matching each family with the perfect Parrot Specie that will bring many years of fun and companionship. Our Handraised Parrots are all well socialized and well behaved. We do delivery worldwide.


We take care of all shipping and delivery arrangements for your purchased Parrots or fertile eggs to be delivered to your home.  Contact us today and you will discover what makes us different from the others.






































gallery/alexandrine parakeets

Alexandrine Parakeets

gallery/black headed caiques

Amazon Red Head Parrots

Black Headed Caiques

gallery/blue and gold macaws
gallery/blue fronted amazons

Black Palm Cockatoo Parrots

Blue And Gold Macaw Parrots

Blue Fronted Amazons

gallery/blue headed pionus
gallery/blue solomon island eclectus
gallery/catalina macaws

Blue Headed Pionus Parrots

Blue Solomon Island Eclectus Parrots

Catalina Macaws

gallery/congo african greys
gallery/double yellow headed amazon
gallery/dusky pionus

Congo African Greys

Double Yellow Headed Amazon

Dusky Pionus Parrots

gallery/eclectus parrot (standard)
gallery/galah cockatoos
gallery/goffin cockatoos

Eclectus Parrots (standard)

Galah Cockatoos

Goffin Cockatoos

gallery/green wing macaws
gallery/hahn's macaws
gallery/harlequin macaws

Green Wing Macaws

Hahn's Macaws

Harlequin Macaws

gallery/hyacinth macaws
gallery/indian ringneck
gallery/jenday conures

Hyacinth Macaws

Indian Ringneck Parrots

Jenday Conures

gallery/lilac crowned amazons
gallery/major mitchell cockatoo
gallery/maximilian (scarlet headed) pionus

Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrots

Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Maximilian (Scarlet Headed) Pionus

gallery/meyer's parrots
gallery/military macaws
gallery/moluccan cockatoos

Meyer's Parrots

Military Macaws

Moluccan Cockatoos

gallery/mustache parakeets
gallery/nanday conures
gallery/orange winged amazons

Mustache Parakeets

Nanday Conures

Orange Winged Amazons

gallery/pineapple conures
gallery/quaker parrots
gallery/rainbow lorikeets

Pineapple Conures

Quaker Parrots

Rainbow Lorikeets

gallery/red fan parrot
gallery/red lored amazon
gallery/scarlet macaws

Red Fan Parrots

Red Lored Amazons

Scarlet Macaws

gallery/senegal parrots
gallery/severe macaws
gallery/solomon island eclectus 1

Senegal Parrots

Severe Macaws

Solomon Island Eclectus

gallery/spix macaws
gallery/sulphur crested cockatoo
gallery/sun conures

Spix Macaws

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Sun Conures

gallery/swainsons lories
gallery/timneh african grey
gallery/umbrella cockatoos

Swainsons Lories

Timneh African Grey

Umbrella Cockatoos

gallery/white bellied caiques 1
gallery/white capped pionus

Yellow Naped Amazons

White Bellied Caiques

White Capped Pionus

gallery/yellow naped amazons
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